0.5.1 2013.09.15

  • [Bug] #83: Fix a bug preventing underscored keyword arguments from working correctly as CLI flags (e.g. mytask --my-arg would not map back correctly to mytask(my_arg=...).) Credit: @akitada.
  • [Bug] #81: Fall back to sane defaults for PTY sizes when autodetection gives insane results. Thanks to @akitada for the patch.

0.5.0 2013.08.16

  • [Bug] #55: A bug in our vendored copy of pexpect clashed with a Python 2->3 change in import behavior to prevent Invoke from running on Python 3 unless the six module was installed in one’s environment. This was fixed - our vendored pexpect now always loads its sibling vendored six correctly.
  • [Feature] #57: Optional-value flags added - e.g. --foo tells the parser to set the foo option value to True; --foo myval sets the value to “myval”. The built-in --help option now leverages this feature for per-task help (e.g. --help displays global help, --help mytask displays help for mytask only.)

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